Free Broadband Internet Access? It's on the market


A lot of people do not know anyone who is now getting "HiSpeed" internet access absolutely free. In fact, many of us don't believe free internet broadband access exists. So does it?

The answer then is yes. Internet service providers (ISPs) do not want that it is known, and even for good reason. They know that individuals don't buy anything they could possibly get at no cost.

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"People need to find out all their options before they opt to buy Hi-Speed access to the internet," says Allan Christopher, Public Affairs Director for BB Communications. "They need to know what their choices before they decide to buy it and many people don't understand that free high speed broadband access is widely available today."

In reality, according to a recently available report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, About 32% of United states of america households have not had an internet connection of any kind. When asked, a large number of people in these households established that the primary reason they've never been online is it is "too expensive".

Many individuals which are already online think that the only way to get fast internet access free of charge is always to illegally "hack" into a cable modem, DSL modem, or another little bit of electronic equipment to somehow defeat its security measures. "That couldn't be farther from the truth", Allan explains, acknowledging this is a common misconception.

"it's high time the truth gets on the market. Everyone ought to know about the availability of fast free internet access to allow them to make an educated decision about it."